Parashop is hiring a Newsletters design + HTML integration Freelance in Paris
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about 2 years ago

Looking for a newsletter designer

Client: Parashop, the leading retailer of parapharmaceutical products in France

Job description

  • Graphic design of newsletters on the basis of a graphic charter (colors, fonts ... )
  • Text + Wireframe packshots products supplied by us.
  • HTML integration ( Responsive Design) by incorporating a maximum of texts.
  • Delivery of the html file for integration in our campaign management tool emailing
  • about 2 years ago

    Hello Louis, I saw your announce from Le Wagon Alumni. I am interested in this job. I am from Le Wagon Brussels #17. I finished it last December. I have been working as graphic designer for long time. I took Le Wagon course to learn coding to explore more possibilities. Now I want to make a transition to Front-End Developer + UX designer, a designer who can code. I am working on a new portfolio website, not ready yet, however, I have a temporary tumblr site showcasing some of my works:, and this is the app I made at Le Wagon: GEARO, It is a peer-to-peer gear rental service for local creatives like photographer or filmmakers.

    Looking forward to hear from you, Thanks in advance! KT Lin

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