Rights'Up is hiring a Back-end developer (RoR) Internship in Berlin
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about 2 years ago

Rights'Up is looking for a backend Rubyist with interest in data science to join our core development team. We are a tech business helping musicians collect their fair share of royalties. Our vision is to simplify revenues streams for creative people. We need our engineers to be self-motivated, ingenious, pressure-proof and smile when tackling new problems across the full-stack. We pair program, provide each other with continuous feedback, share knowledge and get out of our comfort zone to achieve the best we can. You’ll join a proactive team in developing state-of-the-art application services. You’ll help our engineering team to migrate our classic Ruby on Rails (PostgreSQL) stack to an EventSourcing/CQRS implementation (it’s okay if you are not all familiar with this). You’ll be part of a very motivated team to revolutionize music rights management with cutting edge technologies.

You will :

Take part in scrum planning with our Product Owner; Push daily to production through our continuous integration pipeline; Conduct frequent code reviews; Improve our coding guidelines; Define flexible data structure for our events and semantic names; Implement domain logic in micro services; Implement Projections (or Read Models) that build a reporting system based on domain events; Implement Command Handlers and Aggregates that consistently validate business rules; Work with technologies like Docker, Couchbase, Apache Kafka.

You have :

  • 2 years Ruby on Rails experience; Strong Object Oriented Programming skills; Good comprehensive Unit Tests or Feature Tests writing skills; Fluidity in applying TDD; Experience in Data Science; BS degree in Computer Science (or you’re just really good); Agile methodology experience. Your Nice-to-have’s: experience with NoSQL databases. Domain-Driven Design knowledge; experience with functional programming.

Our Perks :

Growing startup in music industry niche. The atmosphere: dynamic, creative, fun, casual, flexible. Distributed leadership, we believe in organic hierarchies, providing space for natural leaders to rise. We all share a universal love for listening to, creating and dancing to music. Be part of all the finest record labels.

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How to Apply

Send an email to jobs@rightsup.com, with the job title as your subject. Please include a short cover letter, with the following: Your CV Your conditions Your eligibility to do an internship in DE

About US

Rights’Up is a worldwide service to manage royalties revenues for musicians. We are undergoing a substantial growth and we forecast our user-base, music catalog and service to maintain the trend. In May 2014, we opened our office in Berlin and recently reached 750.000 recordings in management (owned by +200 independent records labels located in more than 20 countries). Rights’Up ensures the collection of their rights in 33 countries around the world. And guess what.. August 2015, started from the right foot, as we have just closed a second round of investment that propels our mission further into orbit.

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