ecov is hiring a Front-end Developer with Rails skills Employee in Paris
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almost 2 years ago


Our mission at ecov is ambitious yet simple: make ridesharing on short distances as common and mainstream as it is on long distance trips. In France, in Europe, in the world. Our motto: catching a car passing by should be as easy as catching a bus.

ecov was founded in dec 2014 by Arnaud and Thomas, with a vision: for local ridesharing to work, roads need to be equipped with connected outdoor hardware = "ridesharing stations" (akin to Velib or Autolib stations, except different!). A lot of work as been achieved since

  • 4 startup contests won (+100 k)
  • patent filed
  • first 20-station contract secured, several local authorities and companies in the pipe
  • partnerships secured with leaders in outdoor hardware manufacturing

We are a 10-member team, every member has the opportunity to work on different projects: you won't be monotasked. Your work will have a direct and visible impact on the development of the company. Our brand new office is a very exciting (table football, snooker table, huuuuge living/dining room with the comfiest sofas in the world, large windows bringing in a lot of natural light, etc.) and happy place (14 startups share the building, meaning lunchtime chat is always cool and enlightening). Working in such a great atmosphere is pure pleasure. The office is located a 30 sec walk away from the Front Populaire metro station. All our employees are offered a health insurance and equity.


We are looking for a senior dev to kickstart the development of our smartphone apps. A hybrid/crossplatform framework approach has been chosen, in order to build upon the work that has already been put in our Rails webapp. You would also contribute to the improvement of that webapp. We will work closely with our devteam members (lead architect Fabien, Android dev Victorien and Epitech interns).

  • you code in Ruby, have experience in Rails, master a hybrid/crossplatform mobile dev framework (and if possible have some experience in iOS development)
  • you value tests and code quality
  • you know how to communicate with APIs
  • you know how important a good UI and UX are
  • you are eager to contribute to a project with high collective benefits (social and environmental impacts)
  • you are willing to engage in a long-term, ambitious mission
  • remote work is ok with us, but you will be present at the office often, especially during your first months

ecov & you

Salary will be settled depending on experience.

Start: asap

almost 2 years ago

Hey guys, "learn more" url did not build properly. Here it is: - (that's our corporate website, which we built using --> not particularly fancy) - (that's our Ruby on Rails webapp)

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