Kadaabra is hiring a remote Co-founder with e-commerce skills &/or CTO Employee
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over 1 year ago

!!built the Social TV !! #Tcommerce APP #socialTV APP Kadaabra is an awesome solution that let you buy and sell any product through any movie or TV show (furniture, fashion, accessories…). Kadaabra is a French solution for a global and amazing market. Kadaabra is an app and as to produce his web app soon. Here our website kadaabra.com and the temporary optimised version dev.kadaabra.com you can also see the current release on Youtube https://youtu.be/ayngVdqrEnc This project offer two main IT opportunities, to move forward. A frontend dev (web app/website) and a backend dev profil to follow up the work already did. !! Women are more than welcome and ecommerce background could be perfect !! Keep in mind that we are looking for IT cofounders. Once this project caught your curiosity, and then you have interest for us :-) let’s plan a meeting and grab a beer or wine to have a free talk ! Reach me out you want more details! Have an amazing day, can't wait to read you at founders@kadaabra.com.

over 1 year ago

remote or not

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