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over 1 year ago

Hi Vincent,

I am a Developer Relations Engineer at source{d}, we are working on improving developer recruitment. We have analyzed your open source contributions on Github and we think that you could be a good fit for the position Backend Developer at KelDoc (, either in Paris or remote.

Founded in Paris, KelDoc is an online and mobile platform that helps you find nearby doctors and book appointments in 30 seconds. For doctors, they offer a complete solution to optimize their appointments scheduling. KelDoc raised €1.7M to continue to grow after their first 2 years and was recently showcased on Techcrunch (

The main challenge KelDoc is facing is to improve the existing online and mobile applications for doctors as well as implement new features in the apps and scale them. Currently, they are using a Ruby on Rails backend on top of a PostgreSQL database. Regarding the frontend, they are using Rails with Angularjs embedded. They have native Android and iOS apps consuming the common API that the web application is using. Part of the infrastructure is hosted in AWS while their data, given its sensitive content, is hosted in private servers in France.

With that in mind, they are looking for a backend developer which main tasks will be to improve the backend by adding new features and complexity in order to adapt their platform to a larger amount of clients. You will be expected to have strong Ruby on Rails skills, plus experience in scaling backend applications.

You will be joining a talented group of 30 people - of which 7 are part of the engineering team - who work partly remote and with an average age of 27. They work with agile methodologies and there is not a strict separation between frontend and backend engineers. This cross-functionality gives you a unique opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies but it also means you will be expected to proactively add value to the team’s roadmap.

The salary range will be between €38,000 and €55,000, depending on your experience and skills and, although based in Paris, they are open to fully remote work.

Should this be something you wish to explore, please let me know and we can set up a call to check if this is a good fit for you and KelDoc.

Our technology is constantly evolving, so if you think that this position doesn’t match your profile or interests please accept my apologies and feel free to let us know. I will be more than happy to discuss other opportunities that could be a better fit for you. If you are not interested at all, just drop me a line, and I won’t contact you again.

Best regards,

Daniel López, Developer Relations Engineer

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