XOR is hiring a Senior Backend developer RoR Employee in Paris
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over 1 year ago

Our client Baatch has some interesting opportunities that might be a great next step for you.

Please take a look at the job description:

  • Baatch is looking for Senior Back-end Developer with the proficiency in Ruby. Baatch is a food tech company for groups that delivers a great team lunch experience.

  • This is a full-time job for senior level employees.

  • Location: Paris, France.

  • Salary is negotiable according to your expectations, although it is around $70000-100000 yearly.

  • Job description: Baatch is a new "food tech" startup founded by successful serial entrepreneurs (RestoIn - successful and acquired, Stuart - already 80 people with a 22M€ founding), based in Paris and currently closing its first 2.5M€ financing round with an ambitious mission: allow groups (especially in the context of professional team lunch) to connect around a great meal delivered on premises..

  • The tech team is structured around ultra-smart senior engineers and developers, working as a team with autonomy and flexibility, where anyone can have a major impact on the product and business, and find and implement by their own solutions to the complex problems that rise every day..

  • We have a lot of technical challenges around business optimization (delivery routing, order stacking, prediction/deep learning), innovative product and user experience (chat bot, Slack app, multi- channels notifications, group payment), API integration with third parties (restaurants, clients, delivery companies), etc. .

  • The back-end tech stack is based on Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Elixir, MongoDB et Redis, with a micro-services architecture. On the front-end side we use React/Redux, and on mobile a Reactive programming framework, Swift and Java. And the obvious ones: TDD/BDD, CI/CD, Docker/cloud/DevOps, ELK, Kanban/Scrum..

If this opportunity could be interesting to you, Baatch team would like you to approach them directly from your messenger via XOR application. For this please install XOR on Messenger, Slack or Telegram from http://xor.ai/, hit Getjob button and enter job ID 184719.

In case this opportunity is not for you, then you may inform XOR, what kind of jobs could be potentially interesting, and we'll bother you only when such opportunity comes along.

For more information about how it works please visit XOR' website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me here or via Support button in XOR application.

Best regards, Gooli B.

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