DHH to do a Q&A over Skype with Copenhagen Ruby Brigade. What should I ask him?
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almost 2 years ago

The Godfather of Rails DHH will be doing a 30 minute Q&A session over Skype at the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade Meetup Tuesday May 17.

The event won't be broadcast live, but I can take any questions you may have and submit them to the arranger. Of course, I'll report back on what the answers were should your question be selected. Keep rocking, everybody.

almost 2 years ago

Ask him why he decided to create rails, does the world need more frameworks, where to start from with opensource projects, does he think web developers will be replaced by programs, what coding languages are a must-know for the current web development scene, what is his dream vision of rails (functionality-wise and usage-wise), is he working on something ground-breaking right now... seems like the whole session will be just my questions if i go on :)

almost 2 years ago

ah, also ask him what he thinks about the gem based dependency structure of applications, does he see any way of avoiding code dependencies?

almost 2 years ago

should we go to Phoenix / Elixir ?

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