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over 1 year ago


I've set up a new SSL certificate from Gandi on my website:

Everything is fine... except that I have some users, sometimes, telling me they get a warning from Chrome (or Safari) on mobile or desktop: "net::ERRCERTAUTHORITY_INVALID".

I've checked the certificate on and and everything is green. I'am not able to reproduce the problem by my side...

Any idea ?

over 1 year ago

I had this happen to me - it was because my certificate was in SNI ->

Basically a new protocol that makes stuff simpler BUT doesn't work on Windows XP for Chrome/IE. Cloudflare has the issue if you're on the free version

over 1 year ago

Did you ask their Chrome version? Maybe it's outdated.

over 1 year ago

Ok guys I'll check that...

right now it has happened on Safari mobile, Chrome mobile and desktop maybe the Chrome version is outdated but there''re not having problems with other sites This is frustrating...

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