#Rspec #Travis-CI Build passing locally fails on Travis-CI
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about 1 year ago

One of my integration tests (I am using Capybara/Poltergeist) is failing on Travis-CI with an error saying that it is unable to find the input field on the page. Locally this test passes fine. Here is the error:

  1) Apply For A Loan user with details completed can apply for a loan
     Failure/Error: expect(page).to have_field('loan[requested_amount]')
       expected to find field "loan[requested_amount]" but there were no matches
     # ./spec/features/apply_for_loans_spec.rb:13:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'
Finished in 58.99 seconds (files took 10.08 seconds to load)
98 examples, 1 failure, 4 pending

I have tried increasing Capybara's default wait time and the timeout option on the Poltergeist driver but this has not helped.

Any ideas?

about 1 year ago

Nevermind... turns out it was an issue with Twilio API Key and Account SID not being provided to Travis

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